DIY1G Equipment Kit


Designed to let you decide what you want to brew.

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The Do It Yourself 1 Gallon equipment kit has all the items needed to ferment many different types of beverages from scratch. Designed to let you decide what you want to brew, you can easily get started brewing beer, making your own wine or cider, or trying something new that you may have just heard of like Mead, Kombucha, Braggot, Kvas, Melomel, Cyser, and the list goes on.

Kit Includes:
• 2 Gallon Bucket – for Fermenting (primary)
• Drilled Lid – for Sealing bucket
• Gallon Glass Jug – for Clearing and Aging (secondary)
• Rubber Stopper – for Sealing jug
• Airlock – for Letting gas escape while keeping oxygen out
• Thermometer – You know this one
• Hydrometer – for Taking gravity (density) readings
• Auto Siphon – Makes starting your siphon way easier
• Bottle Filler – Keeps bottling manageable
• 3 feet of tube – for Siphoning
• Powdered Brewers Wash (PBW) – for Cleaning everything really well

Still Need:
 • Ingredients
 • Something to put your stuff in when you are done: Beer bottles, wine bottles, mason jars, pickle jars, or whatever is appropriate.


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